Longbow Consulting Group

CRM International has a long history of working with office products dealers of all sizes under its  Longbow Consulting Group division.  Since the early 90’s we’ve been providing dealers with CRM and marketing automation solutions to address two key strategic areas:

  1. Maximum penetration of existing customers.
  2. Maximum new customer development.

Our solutions to address these areas have grown significantly as the technology has evolved to exciting levels over our 20 years of service to the industry.  We now offer a full cloud CRM with the world leading SugarCRM.  Featured is connectivity from anywhere with robust mobile apps for phone and tablets.

Our Act-On  marketing automation solution syncs with sales-i campaigns to give dealers unlimited automated marketing to these accounts.  A core focus with Act-On works with inbound marketing programs and automated marketing campaigns to provide dealers with exciting lead generation and lead nurturing to get more new customers.  We continue to be here to help dealers of all sizes leverage state of the art technology to grow their business profitably.

We've integrated SugarCRM with the industry leading sales-i customer intelligence solution. This means that not only do sales people have access to powerful CRM - they also have access to unlimited customer intelligence to use within their sales process from anywhere.