Customer Service departments need a digital solution

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 09, 2019

Customer service agents as we know them are the center piece of customer service departments and challenged with working with various company departments for product or service issue resolution.

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SSI / CRM / Marketing Automation: a Powerful Competitive Solution

Posted by: Neil Saviano & Dennis McCarthy on September 17, 2019

Systems Solutions (SSI) distribution software now integrates with SugarCRM to provide a powerful competitive solution for dealers.

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Increase User Adoption With No Touch CRM

Posted by: Neil Saviano on September 11, 2019

Next Level CRM is here to replace conventional CRM. It addresses poor CRM user adoption and in the process positions CRM as a large part of digital transformation.

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6 Ways Dealers Can Increase Sales With Process Automation

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on August 21, 2019

Sales process automation is not about eliminating jobs. The goal is to give sales more time to engage customers, provide value, and close deals.

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Posted: August 17, 2013

This is an interview with our strategic partner, sales-i. The interview, conducted by Natalie Davies of sales-I in a Q&A format, offers many insights into CRM and includes the following topics: 

Who is the ideal CRM user? 
As the business world becomes more social, can you explain the impact this is having on CRM today? 
What are the key factors to help assure a successful CRM implementation? 
How can a CRM system help a company to gain a competitive edge? 
Why is CRM now almost exclusively implemented in a Cloud environment?

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