How To Get Sales To Use Your CRM

Posted by: Neil Saviano on January 14, 2020

Poor user adoption is viewed as a substantial part of the reason why many organizations do not get an acceptable return on their CRM investment

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An Exciting New Product From SugarCRM. A Step Above Traditional Business Intelligence

Posted by: Neil Saviano on December 11, 2019

We’ve been studying, strategizing and waiting for the right time to let office products dealers (and other markets we work with) know about a significant product announcement made by SugarCRM. 

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Increase Customer Satisfaction & Your Bottom Line: Digital Technology’s increasing Role in Case Management

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on November 13, 2019

Labor is the largest fixed expense for most businesses with a big influence on bottom line profits. As a result, the level of employee productivity can determine success or failure.

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Digital-Driven CRM Helps Sales People and Sales Management Drive Successful Marketing Plans Together

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 30, 2019

Salespeople are among those at the forefront in facilitating the customer experience. They do this through process automation driven customer contact along with other state of the art technology such as customer journey mapping

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CRM International integrates SugarCRM with Prima Dealer Software

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 23, 2019

We're very pleased at CRM International announce the integration of our world leading SugarCRM solution with Prima, an exciting cloud software for office products dealers.

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3 Ways To Increase Sales With CRM/ERP Integration

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on October 23, 2019

CRM, ERP, and marketing automation integration is all about creating a 360 degree view of customers and prospects. It gives sales, marketing, and service the information they need to have more engaging conversations. Here are a few ways this integration can increase revenue.

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Customer Service departments need a digital solution

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 09, 2019

Customer service agents as we know them are the center piece of customer service departments and challenged with working with various company departments for product or service issue resolution.

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Elevate Your Customer Experience (CX) To Stay Competitive

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on October 02, 2019

Customer experience or CX is a major buzzword today and for good reason. Amazon, like many disruptors in other industries have changed the way customers buy their products.

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SSI / CRM / Marketing Automation: a Powerful Competitive Solution

Posted by: Neil Saviano & Dennis McCarthy on September 17, 2019

Systems Solutions (SSI) distribution software now integrates with SugarCRM to provide a powerful competitive solution for dealers.

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Increase User Adoption With No Touch CRM

Posted by: Neil Saviano on September 11, 2019

Next Level CRM is here to replace conventional CRM. It addresses poor CRM user adoption and in the process positions CRM as a large part of digital transformation.

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6 Ways Dealers Can Increase Sales With Process Automation

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on August 21, 2019

Sales process automation is not about eliminating jobs. The goal is to give sales more time to engage customers, provide value, and close deals.

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3 Jobs You Can Automate Today With CRM

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on May 22, 2019



Automating jobs (or business processes) can be a scary proposition for business owners. How much of my time will it take? Do I need to hire an IT Developer? Will I have to lay off loyal employees? Is this the beginning of the end of humanity, and will we soon be serving our robot overlords?

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Digital transformation is more critical than ever to stay competitive

Posted by: Neil Saviano on April 07, 2019

Winning against market disruptors such as Amazon and others for office products and Jan an dealers isn't only about staying  with the service-based, local presence strategic focus that's always worked.  It's about undergoing a digital transformation  by embracing digital technology. 


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Business Intelligence, CRM, and Marketing Automation. The 3 together provide exceptional sales and marketing.

Posted by: Neil Saviano on April 11, 2017

Three software systems used together give office products resellers, and similar "repeat-sell" high volume consumable products companies a powerful and unprecedented sales and marketing solution to maximize share of business from existing customers.

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