SSI / CRM / Marketing Automation: a Powerful Competitive Solution

Posted by: Neil Saviano & Dennis McCarthy on September 17, 2019

The only way to achieve a complete (360 degree) view of customers and prospects is with new next level CRM integration. Platforms including ERP and Marketing Automation must integrate with CRM to give users the ability to see all sales, marketing, and service activity while working with customers. Systems Solutions (SSI) distribution software now integrates with SugarCRM to provide a powerful competitive solution for dealers.


Account Information

Accounts are synced to bring information such as sales, AR, and last order date into SugarCRM. Account changes such as name, addresses, route, and sales person are also updated. New SSI accounts not in SugarCRM can be automatically created. Changes to account information can trigger automated processes such as account assignment, marketing campaigns, and customer onboarding. Alerts can be sent to sales and management when new and existing customers start or stop ordering.

Invoice History

Invoice history such as item number, description, UM, quantity, unit cost, sale price, vendor, category, and invoice date is synced to accounts in Sugar. Use line item detail to easily create business reviews, and Identify opportunities such as categories not currently being purchased. Trigger automated marketing campaigns based on activity.  Business reviews and graphical reporting provides the scope of business intelligence software, and importantly tied to marketing automation.

Sales, Marketing, and Service Alignment

When sales, marketing, and service teams are seeing a complete view of customer and prospect activity true alignment can be achieved. Sales can view activity to have more focused and relevant conversations. Marketing can see lead conversion rates to measure campaign ROI. Service can respond to issues faster and more appropriately based on activity and previous interactions.

Increased CRM User Adoption

User adoption has been an issue for many CRM implementations. The integration of account information and invoice history into SugarCRM plays a key role in increasing user adoption. Salespeople have customer buying and service history at their immediate access while engaging them in the sales process. This gives them superb account management and better control of a customer’s ongoing business.

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A competitive difference

Today’s leading edge cloud software providers understand the importance of having open connectivity with the ability to integrate with their customers other systems. Providers with closed connectivity or proprietary systems make it difficult for customers to adopt new technologies. SugarCRM integration is part of a digital transformation that companies must undergo to remain competitive against major disruptors in their market.  Please click here to read our major blog on this important topic.

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