Sales Training Must Change! – Sales Training Is Changing!

Posted by: Neil Saviano on November 04, 2015

Sales training is changing because it must!  The reason it must change? Candidly because traditional sales training doesn’t work well enough to develop sales teams to a level of continuous growth for themselves and the companies they work for.  This results in the following scenarios that unfortunately plague many companies and sales people: 

  • Low penetration of existing customers.
  • Low win rates for new business.
  • Low quota attainment for sales people 
  • High salesperson turnover. 

There's a very interesting white paper by the Rain Group called World Class Sales Training  that begins with the following telling statistic: 85% to 90% of sales training fails by 120 days after it is delivered!   

They went on to say that almost one third of top sales executives report that the majority of their reps do not have the skills they need to perform in their jobs. 
At CRM International we're now bringing state of the art sales team development through our partnership with Sales CoPilot Academy and Andrew Ford, its CEO and Founder.   They've developed a model called Sales CoPilot Academy that mirrors the Sales University model expounded on in the Rain Group white paper. 
Sales CoPilot Academy is about a training structure that includes blended learning.  What's Blended Learning?  Blended Learning is where a portion of the traditional face-to-face and seminar instruction is replaced by web-based online learning.   
Sales CoPilot brings the online learning to the new and exciting training modality of gamification.  Gamification has taken on a large role in business training. It’s interactive (and fun) learning where simulated interaction of actual sales situations keeps the sales people involved, and provides the ongoing reinforcement needed to help, as the Rain Group points out, create behavioral change in adults who are set in their ways. Need anyone doubt that most sales people are set in their ways!  Check out this interesting report on gamification by Bronya Bevin on how gamification is a key to corporate sales training:
The online gamification portion of Sales CoPilot's blended learning program is powered by Momentium software.  The other blended training portion features video conferencing coaching sessions.  Highly qualified coaches help with further reinforcement with small groups of participants, to review, discuss, and apply the on line principles and ensures the learning is sustained and applied.
Traditional sales training, as the Rain Group points out, has been the car wash mentality.  In essence it's been about sending sales people to a training program. They get their skills polished up and waxed-then they go back to their real world of selling and most is forgotten and it's back to the same old habits.  As they go on to say, is it any wonder why billions of dollars are wasted annually on training each year. 
A must read is Andrew Ford's latest blog, The Five Ingredients of a Winning Sales Team". "  Andrew nicely ties together how the Sales CoPilot programs have come together to offer companies of all sizes curriculum-based sales development programs.  Programs that are often customized for a company's sales processes and sales model overall. 

We're excited at CRM International about this partnership with Sales CoPilot. We’re especially excited for two reasons:

1. Excited to bring these new training modalities to our clients and prospective clients.  

2. Excited because we know that sales team skills are often the
missing link for a company to maximize its investment in a CRM,
marketing automation, and often business intelligence programs.  
It's really part of the known divide between sales and marketing
that plagues many companies.  

Our goal is to ultimately integrate Momentium software with our CRM software.   
CRM International and the Longbow Consulting Group provide CRM implementations as well as sales and marketing process and Marketing Automation consulting.