Inbound marketing and marketing automation provides higher ROI for outbound marketing

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 08, 2014

There is no doubt that inbound marketing and marketing automation are replacing the traditional outbound sales and marketing strategies. Two of the most widely used outbound marketing strategies for sales people have been outbound phone calls and field cold calls. The goal is almost always to set an appointment for a presentation, especially in those industries selling bigger ticket items or trying to secure new business with products that represent large annual sales volume.

Companies are finding that these strategies/tactics just don't work the way they uused to.  Caller ID blocks the outbound calls, and getting to see someone on a field cold call is almost impossible. In fact in bigger cities with large office buildings it's impossible to get by lobby security without an appointment. These scenarios result in very small sales person ROI for the company and a decrease in business. This also causes much discouragement for sales people and this often results in high and costly turnover. Many sales people often just leave before being terminated.

The dilemma here is that many companies sell a product or service that still needs a field presentation, but securing appointments/presentations the old way isn't working.

Enter inbound marketing and marketing automation.

Inbound marketing strategies built around SEO to draw target companies to a company's website is a prime lead generation strategy. This often includes lead scoring, a process to help assure that leads created for follow up are those that companies feel are worthwhile to approach. The result is that sales people formerly using costly outbound and low return lead generation strategies have partially qualified leads to follow up. These are leads that are more likely to answer a call, or return a voice mail.

Along with inbound marketing, marketing automation plays a huge role as well. Target lists formerly used for outbound calling are targeted with a series of automated and timed emails, interspersed with automatically scheduled follow up calls. Leads created with inbound marketing can also be sent directly to a marketing automation process. With both inbound marketing and marketing automation modern CRM systems give sales people in the lead follow up process the capability to track prospect website visits or emails opened, right from within the CRM.

 The overwhelming conclusion is that with lead generation with inbound marketing and marketing automation, trained sales people have leads to follow up that provide an exponentially higher conversion rate of calls to appointments/presentations, and to closed business. The company wins with higher sales person ROI as a result of higher sales person performance, and decreased sales person turnover. Sales people win with increased professional and financial growth.

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