Elevate Your Customer Experience (CX) To Stay Competitive

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on October 02, 2019

Customer experience or CX is a major buzzword today and for good reason. Amazon, like many disruptors in other industries have changed the way customers buy their products. They have grown swiftly and taken market share from most of their competitors. Yes, they offer low prices and have a huge marketing budget, but dealers have fought these battles before and won. Amazon is now presenting a different threat because they are laser focused on customer experience and make it incredibly easy buy from them.

Dealers have responded to this threat with “buy local” campaigns. Most businesses prefer to support their community, but if the experience is not up to par they will gradually move away. Here’s how you can raise your game to attract and retain customers with a superior customer experience.

Reduce customer effort (CE)

Today we live in an experience economy where buyers expect instant gratification. They want the ability to research product and prices, create accounts, return product, and resolve issues with minimal effort. They want easy returns online, and a chat option for fast assistance that doesn’t interrupt the shopping experience. Open websites allow customers and prospects to accomplish these tasks quickly to keep them coming back. Closed websites require much more effort and send them running.

Create a 360 degree view of customers and prospects

Customers and prospects with questions or issues are looking for one call resolution. They don’t have time to make follow up calls, repeat issues, or wait to be transferred to someone familiar with their account. A 360 degree view shows all marketing, sales, and service interactions as well as purchase history stored in a central location for easy retrieval. The data provides context and enables sales and service agents to respond appropriately while requiring minimum effort and wait time from the customer. Service agents are empowered to increase retention and help close deals, and customer service, formerly a cost center, becomes a revenue generator.

Manage CX with technology

A true 360 degree view cannot be achieved without an easy way to collect, store, and retrieve data. Fortunately, today there is affordable CRM technology that can make it easy. A next-level, no touch, CRM software solution facilitates data gathering through email, phone, chat, and social media integration. Salespeople and service agents spend less time entering data and more time interacting with customers and prospects.

See how Sugar Serve elevates customer experience

Manage customer issue resolution with case management software. Service agents can view case details, account information, interactions, service history, and communicate with customers from a single console. Managers can monitor activity to manage workloads and make sure resolutions are accurate and on time. Sales can review interactions to gauge customer sentiment in preparation for meetings. Send surveys via process automation to obtain customer feedback to measure results and promote constant improvement.

Disruptors like Amazon are constantly reinventing the customer experience. Dealers must undergo a digital transformation to keep pace and stay competitive.

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