Digital-Driven CRM Helps Sales People and Sales Management Drive Successful Marketing Plans Together

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 30, 2019

We bring CRM and connected marketing and process automation to companies as part of their digital transformation. This transformation consists of bringing digital technology into all parts of a company – to change how they run their business and bring the customer experience to an entirely new level.

Data-Driven Sales Automation 

Salespeople are among those at the forefront in facilitating the customer experience. They do this through process automation driven customer contact along with other state of the art technology such as customer journey mapping.

Without a doubt using new digital technology in the sales process helps salespeople overcome the perennial problem of CRM user adoption. Process automation reduces much time-consuming data entry. 

Though this sets up salespeople for operational success, there is a subjective side they must consider. This involves strategic thinking from a marketing planning perspective. It’s basically a thought process that precedes the development of a personal marketing plan with management. This includes activity goals set up to reach desired financial goals.

Creating A Personal Marketing Plan

Since the majority of salespeople are on financial incentives such as commissions or bonus, the extensive activity and financial goals and results reporting provided by digital-driven CRM helps salespeople and sales management monitor projected and actual results together. 

The Intention from the subjective side alluded to above is tantamount to salespeople adopting a thought process of running a business within a business. Digital technology gives them state of the art tools to help them run a profitable business and maximize their income.

It’s important for salespeople to develop a personal marketing plan together with sales management. Part of this process is developing activity goals tied to financial goals. These are metrics that salespeople and sales management monitor together to measure actual vs. projected results and make changes as needed.

This process is effective. There is a synergistic plan for success in place. It helps greatly in salesperson/sales management reviews; there's less chance for discontent on either side when monitoring sales results. It's either "our" plan is working or not working, and if it’s not working – “let’s fix it”!  

New digital-driven CRM plays a huge role in bringing this plan to fruition. Not only does historical information play a role in plan evaluation and any changes needed, but new CRM-driven analytics offers predictive insights to help plan success moving forward.

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