Customer Service departments need a digital solution

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 09, 2019

"72% of global consumers say that when calling customer service they expect the agent to already know their name, previous purchases, and previous engagements with the team" Microsoft


Customer service agents as we know them are the center piece of customer service departments and challenged with working with various company departments for product or service issue resolution.  

Issue Resolution Tied to History and Collaboration

Their issue resolution success is almost always tied to access to customer buying and service history and/or collaboration with other departments for expertise in their respective areas and the ability for this process to expeditiously produce issue resolution.   

Most Companies Fall Short

Many companies, however, do not enjoy this expeditious scenario. They are tied mostly to manual process where inefficient human factors prevail.  Examples can include:  Not calling customers back; Losing notes; no immediate access to correct product or service information; not getting quick enough to the right person in their own company who can handle the issue.

Customer Service Software the Answer

The answer is customer service software that is case centric. It offers a 360-degree view of the customer that includes full service history and usually customer sales history as well.  Collaboration with other departments is driven by automated processes with cross checks at various levels.

SLA’s Driven by Automated Processes.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are included. They are managed by automated processes that determine levels of coverage.


"24% of American consumers prefer to use a self-service website to answer simple inquiries" American Express 


Customers Can Submit Their Own Cases.

Customers can have portal access to submit cases as well as access for help in the software knowledge base. 

This is all tantamount to a Digital Transformation at the customer service level.  It’s giving customers what is now labeled a DCX – Digital Customer Experience.

See information here about Sugar Serve – a new customer service software from SugarCRM.

Click here for blog by CRM International team member, Dennis McCarthy on Dynamic Case Management.  This is a third person account by Dennis that makes a strong case for customer service software using automated processes. 

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