CRM International integrates SugarCRM with Prima Dealer Software

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 23, 2019

We're very pleased at CRM International to announce the integration of our world leading SugarCRM solution with Prima, an exciting cloud software for office products dealers.   The integration offers Prima users the capability of working with sales history in SugarCRM to manage the customer journey as well as triggering marketing campaigns and process automation.


Said Steve McLaughlin, president of Prima:  "We're excited that by partnering with CRM International and world class SugarCRM / marketing automation we're providing a modern cloud overall solution to digitally transform our customers' businesses."


This integration overall gives Prima users the technology tools to compete with major disruptors plaguing the industry.  These tools help dealers undergo a digital transformation.  Our major blog on this topic outlines for Prima and all of our ERP integrated users how undertaking this endeavor becomes close to an equalizer, especially against the biggest disruptor of all, Amazon.

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