A Gap That Limits The ROI From Many CRM Implementations

Posted by: Neil Saviano on January 10, 2016


While there is no debating that CRM systems are virtually irreplaceable in driving sales process, there continues to be widespread low ROI across a wide range of CRM implementations. The apparent reason for this low return points to a gap in the entire sales process dynamic that many companies need to re-examine. 

So – where’s the gap? It’s in the level of sales skills, (selling fundamentals) that sales people bring to each stage of the sales process. The following is a cross session of sales process stages we see built into CRM systems:

  • Lead Follow Up
  • Qualification
  • Needs Analysis/Discovery
  • Value Proposition
  • Proposal/Price Quote
  • Negotiation Review

Each of these stages represent a pivotal point in time in the typical sales process, but without the sales skills to carry out each stage effectively, the effectiveness of a technology-driven sales process is compromised. Subsequently the ROI from the technology as well as the ROI from sales people is compromised.

Companies across a wide range need to conclude that investments in CRM technology needs to be concurrent with ongoing investments in sales training and overall sales team development.

Unfortunately, sales training has been fraught with ineffective training methodologies. However, there is a new era of sales training and sales team development evolving that promises to finally give companies modalities that help them effectively grow sales person skills that leads to a growth in sales person effectiveness. Concurrently the ROI from CRM investments improve exponentially. The effectiveness of the CRM as a virtual sales assistant comes to the forefront.

We recently posted a blog that provides an in depth look into this “new era” of sales person training and development. It’s titled: “Sales Training Must Change! Sales Training Is Changing”. It includes some revealing statistics that are worth reading. Please click here

Many companies are virtually engrossed with CRM technology, and many should be engrossed! However, they must become equally engrossed in making certain that sales people and sales management bring sales and sales management skills and fundamentals to this technology in order to leverage its potential great return.


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