CRM with Marketing Automation: A Powerful Unified Marketing Solution

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 28, 2014

A CRM system historically centers on contact management, and the management and use of information and activities for both current customers, and leads for new customer acquisition.  What's becoming apparent, however, is that this model alone isn't as effective anymore. A CRM system in a sales and marketing environment needs to be part of a total solution that synchronizes with marketing automation software. 

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Training Sales People To Use A New CRM And Getting Better User Adoption

Posted by: Neil Saviano on October 19, 2014

CRM trainers endure many implementations where poor sales person adoption prevails.  The core reason is reluctance to change.  Sales people (especially the more experienced) are historically tied to habits and processes that have always worked for them for a long time, and they see no need to change it.  The bottom line for them is:  if it works why change it?  Why go through the effort-what's in it for me? 

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