Increase Customer Satisfaction & Your Bottom Line: Digital Technology’s increasing Role in Case Management

Posted by: Dennis McCarthy on November 13, 2019

Labor is the largest fixed expense for most businesses with a big influence on bottom line profits. As a result, the level of employee productivity can determine success or failure. One solution is to hire great people who can do more with less, but even the best eventually reach their limits. So how do you increase productivity without creating stress, burnout, low morale, and high turnover?

The answer is to leverage case management technology to save time by eliminating repetitive tasks and make information easily accessible to all. This is all part of the digital transformation all dealers must undertake. Sugar Serve is a case management tool that addresses the productivity question head on to increase capacity and realize immediate return on investment.

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Save CSR Time

In a manual system customer service representatives (CSRs) waste a lot of time searching for information. The Sugar Serve console solves this problem by providing easy access to account information and history including previous issues and communications. It also shows internal interactions so employees can collaborate and resolve issues without duplicating efforts. Issues called cases are sorted and color coded by priority to keep CSRs organized. The single screen reduces tab fatigue from constantly opening and closing windows. Customers can enter their own cases in the Serve portal, and access answers to frequently asked questions in the knowledge base to get immediate resolution. CSRs spend less time with repetitive tasks and more time helping customers.

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Save Sales & Management Time

Salespeople and managers may benefit the most from case management. In a manual system they spend a lot of time putting out fires caused by slow or inadequate responses. Sugar Serve solves this problem with service level agreements (SLAs) and case visibility. SLAs are response times that are assigned when cases are created. Alerts are sent to management when SLAs are exceeded. Managers can react proactively to help expedite resolutions before customers become unhappy. Sales can view interaction history prior to calls or meetings to avoid being blindsided. Management can report on cases by company, customer, and CSR to create accountability and identify reoccurring issues. Salespeople spend more time selling. Managers spend more time managing and improving the customer experience.

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Save Customer Time

It is important to acknowledge that customers experience the same productivity and bottom line challenges. Buyers are busy with many responsibilities and need to resolve issues and get answers to questions quickly. The Sugar Serve case management console gives customer service representatives (CSRs) full visibility into account information and interaction history to help resolve issues faster. Customers can easily enter cases and attach documents using the Sugar Serve portal. They receive alerts showing resolution status to reduce the need for follow up calls. Issues are entered and resolved quickly with minimal customer effort, improving the overall experience and increasing satisfaction.

Before digital transformation (BDT) customer satisfaction and greater efficiency were considered a zero sum game. Each existed at the expense of the other. Today industry disruptors like Amazon have adopted new technologies to increase productivity while offering a great buying experience. This same technology is now available at an affordable cost. It’s all part of the digital transformation that dealers must embark on to stay competitive.

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