Real Time CRM/ERP Integration: Brings Customer Experience To New Levels

Posted by: Neil Saviano on May 13, 2020

Our recent blog concentrated on CRM integration with industry ERPs as well as other disparate apps siloed in a company. The overall objective discussed is to have a relatively easier way to feed the CRM with information that helps sales and customer service create an ongoing superior customer experience.  The “easier way” we pointed out comes from a new integration solution from our partner SugarCRM.

Real time integration is a much favorable alternative   

Sugar’s new solution features real time integration. This is much more effective than traditional ERP / CRM integration. Traditional integration generally takes place after day-end sales history has compiled and almost always reaches the CRM the next day. However, this new technology drives real time (within the hour) integration and the expeditious benefits for sales and customer service are huge. The following is a solid example of what can be put in place almost immediately after a new customer’s first order is placed:

Process automation triggers sales and customer service to assist in areas such as: proactive on-boarding – account set up, credit checks, and training. This activity becomes a catalyst for sales and/or customer service to engage the new customer in timely dialogue and activity that begins a positive ongoing customer experience.

The new customer embarks on a journey with the company.

As new customers engage with sales and customer service additional technology that can join in helping to provide a superior customer experience is Customer Journey Management. Every touch-point a customer has with the company such as discovery, evaluation, purchase, up-sell, and generating a business review at the right time. This is identified as part of a journey that results in a goal of attaining a customer for life. The journey is a mapped sales process on the CRM with every touch point identified and triggered at the right time.

Real time integration provides almost instantaneous data for advanced analytics / AI

Sales history real time integration becomes part of a data warehouse in the CRM where users gain unprecedented insight into customer’s buying history and sales performance overall. This is with Sugar Discover - A time-aware approach to revenue analytics that tracks extensive metrics and historical performance to alert you proactively to customer real time buying issues or current or future sales opportunities. This is unlike outdated BI solutions that provide a snapshot and not changes over time. Sugar Discover is a move from rear-view to real-time insights, providing early warning signals that allow businesses to adapt, change course, and take advantage of trends as they’re happening. This is AI in your CRM.

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It’s all part of undertaking the ongoing Digital Transformation

The technology discussed here is part of the ongoing digital transformation quest that companies must undertake. Our partner SugarCRM places the highest priority on providing the technology to help companies improve the customer experience. We have alluded to that in this blog by expounding on how maximizing and using the available customer information plays a huge role in exponentially improving the customer experience, and helps create customers for life. You’ll find more information in our cornerstone blog on digital transformation.

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