SugarCRM alone is a powerful marketing tool. However....

Posted by: Neil Saviano on March 29, 2015

We present SugarCRM alone as a powerful sales and marketing tool. However, we bring the message cnstantly that SugarCRM integrated with Act-On Marketing Automation is the ultimate sales and marketing tool. Act-On allows you to easily create customized automated marketing campaigns to:

• Convert more leads to new customers.
• Segment your leads based on activity.
• Re-engage existing customers.

All marketing campaign activities are seamlessly passed into SugarCRM, maximizing the effectiveness of your sales team by giving them information to convert more leads, and increase business from existing customers.

Great marketing with limited follow up, or lots of follow up with limited marketing information isn’t enough. Companies need both Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation in order to maximize lead generation and customer retention.

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