Marketing Automation Isn’t Just About Lead Generation!

Posted by: Neil Saviano on June 21, 2015

Marketing Automation software should be a vital part of all marketing programs.
This powerful strategy includes dedicated automated email campaigns along with campaigns from website inbound marketing activity.
Marketing automation software features are almost always promoted about lead generation strategies.  And for good reason, as lead generation to drive new business is a vital part of any company's overall marketing strategy. 
New business, however, doesn’t always have to come from new customers!  Additional business from existing customers’ needs to be a major part of a marketing program, and marketing automation can play a huge role here.  In fact, it's widely known that it’s four times easier to get more business from an existing customer than it is to win a new customer and garner a share of their business.  The bottom line is there needs to be a representative balance of these two strategies.
A key factor in using marketing automation to drive more business from existing customers includes the following: 

Developing a system where information on historical customer sales activity is accessible to marketing automation software as a segmented marketing list. 

A few list examples: 

  • All customers who are buying one product line but not the other  
  • All customers whose profit margins have lowered by 3% or higher in the past three months.

These segmented list examples should be easily exportable out of a company's business software and into the marketing automation software.   What follows can be an automated email campaigns that feature either product lines not being purchased, or products with higher profit margins.  

 A common question from those unfamiliar with marketing automation software
Is the following: 

"Ok-but what happens after the campaign -how do we follow up these targeted emails"? 

The good news is that all marketing automation software provides lists of targeted email recipients who have not only opened an email, but where they have gone to on the company's website for additional information.  These become targeted lists for sales person follow up.  In essence, sales people are following up emails that address customer- centric marketing issues, greatly increasing the chance to help grow additional business.
A very effective software suite to enhance these targeted strategies is the integration of marketing automation software with state of the art CRM software.  A popular suite is the connectivity between Act-On marketing automation software and SugarCRM.  Sales people can see individual customer email campaign activities from within the customer's contact record in the CRM.  Also, sales person CRM activities and email notifications can be a scheduled from campaign activity. 
We encourage companies to leverage marketing automation to develop leads and drive new business from new customers.  It’s important to remember that existing customers cannot be neglected, and these customers are very amenable to the power of marketing automation.  This is business waiting to happen! Again, it’s important to remember that’s it's four times easier than developing new customers.

We are SugarCRM and Act-On resellers.  We do SugarCRM and marketing automation implementations.