Inbound Marketing Doesn't Mean The Demise Of Outbound Selling

Posted: June 10, 2015

Much is being written about the demise of outbound selling and marketing strategies, such as field cold calls, outbound prospecting phone calls and email marketing. Inbound marketing is being purported as the accepted alternative. Inbound marketing is built around strong search engine optimization to draw prospects to a company's website. Once there the objective is to have prospects qualify themselves, and once done put them through a lead nurturing process that results in lead nurturing and conversion.

However, one should not equate the virtual demise of outbound marketing with the demise of outbound selling and outbound sales people. It's true that inbound marketing can supplant wasteful and time consuming sales person prospecting . Inbound marketing helps qualied prospects to find a company and their products, rather than attempts by sales people to go find them. However, for those products that have to be sold to qualified prospects, the traditional sales person still plays the key role in closing the deal!

The bottom line is that inbound marketing makes sales people more effective because it provides them with far more qualifed leads than they could ever find on their own, and it puts them in a position to do what they do best-sell! The return on their time (ROI) for themselves and the company is exponentially increased. The conversion rate of qualified leads to closed deals is at a much higher level. This whole process is enhanced when synced with CRM such as SugarCRM and marketing automation software such as Act-On.

So - all you outbound sales people, inside and outside - Relax!! Inbound marketing done correctly makes you better - gives you many more qualifed leads to work with - takes you way from the costly and laborious prospecting-and makes you more money!

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