SugarCRM With Act-On Helps Bridge The Sales/Marketing Divide

Posted by: Neil Saviano on January 31, 2015

We help our clients address the historical divide between sales and marketing that is rampant in many companies. A key area where this divide manifests itself is in the lack of qualified leads for sales people. Another area is the lack of touches to existing customers to help drive more business by identifying cross- sell opportunities and additional product/service needs.

Our partnership with Act-On marketing automation software gives us an integrated solution with SugarCRM to bring the bridge to our clients to address this divide.It begins working with marketing on the content that feeds lead generation programs by constructing emails and landing pages that will get the attention of prospective leads .  We then set up a system based on a numerical grade (lead scoring) and other factors that will segment leads based upon traffic patterns, actions, email opens, email clicks, file downloads, and other behaviors that can be tracked. An automated process follows that culminates in qualified leads being produced for sales people. This saves sales people from calling on unqualified leads and greatly increases the ratio of lead conversion to new customers.

Though the focus here has been on lead generation, marketing automation is a great fit for companies that want to drive more business from existing customers.  It's a way to exploit those cross-sell opportunities, and identified additional needs.  Act-On's automated email campaigns produce an ongoing level of awareness to existing customers of products and services they're not currently buying. This is obviously easier business to get compared to new business from lead conversions. It's known to be four times easier!

We place an emphasis on marketing's involvement to make sure that the content sent to prospective clients or existing customers is relevant and the responses to them are appropriate.  As part of this we also “spill over” into SEO and Social Media as well as automation within SugarCRM as we feel it's important to be able and deliver a “start to finish” solution.

SugarCRM plays a huge role at the other end of this bridge by being the depository of all lead and current customer web and email marketing activities inside each other's respective contact records. Sales people are fortified with product and/or service interests to use within the sales process. The same applies to targeting existing customers. Click here to see more information and some screen shots of Act-On SugarCRM intengation.

Companies of all sizes must devote time to narrowing this divide between sales and marketing. CRM and marketing automation provides part of the bridge to narrow this divide.  Marketing doesn't have to be the dedicated departments staffed by large companies and corporations. It can be someone in a small company who has a proclivity to content and has some creativity. There's also a vast network of outsourced talent available. College interns with majors in marketing and/or graphic design is also a great source of marketing talent.

We are SugarCRM and Act-On resellers.  We do SugarCRM and marketing automation implementations.