How We Bring CRM At CRM International

Posted by: Neil Saviano on January 14, 2015

At CRM International we are sales and marketing specialists, and we try to bring CRM to our sales and marketing based clients as a unified solution that includes marketing automation.

Getting more leads and converting them into new customers is foremost for most of our clients. They come to us because their existing sales and marketing process is not giving them enough new customers. Conventional CRM lead management and opportunity management working together is intended help get more new customers. However, without marketing automation lead and opportunity management produce less than optimum results.

We stress with clients that leads need to be nurtured and this is a key role of marketing automation. This is a combination of automated email marketing and inbound marketing that is intended to give salespeople at least partially qualified leads.

At initial discovery with prospective clients we examine their current lead management, and most importantly lead conversion to new customers. Without CRM and marketing automation their metrics are almost always very below average. We propose SugarCRM and Act-On marketing automation software as a unified solution to help create more qualified leads to bring to SugarCRM's lead and opportunity management process.

We don't limit our unified solution to lead and opportunity management. We want to know how our clients manage existing customers as well. Importantly we want to know what strategies are in place to get their share of existing customers' business.

We help our clients get their share of existing customer business by building and using customer information in the CRM. The strategy we recommend is to filter buying trends and develop automated marketing campaigns to address these trends. The unlimited customization feature of SugarCRM means unlimited fields to store as much business information as needed. We can even help connect their CRM to their existing ERP system. This gives access to unlimited business information within the CRM. While it’s important to always be getting new customers, an important strategic focus that we point out here to clients is that it’s 4 times easier to sell more to existing customers than it is to get new customers!

We don't bring CRM to clients as a technology solution. We bring a process solution. Once we identify a client's sales and marketing and overall business process, we bring in unified CRM to help bring existing processes to a higher level and introduce new process as needed. The technology drives the process.