An Exciting New Product From SugarCRM. A Step Above Traditional Business Intelligence

Posted by: Neil Saviano on December 11, 2019

We’ve been studying, strategizing and waiting for the right time to let office products dealers (and other markets we work with) know about a significant product announcement made by SugarCRM.  A product that can change how dealers work with and use both customer and prospective customer information. It’s an introduction to artificial intelligence!

This announcement was made at the end of September at the exciting Sugar Connection event in Boston; the announcement introduced Sugar Discover.

Discover is a sophisticated advanced analytics solution.  Or as Richard Daley, Sugar’s general manager of analytics describes it in the late September issue of Destination CRM:

“there is no need to buy business intelligence and other tools to take advantage of Sugar Discover's ability to automate 24/7 monitoring of CRM data and detect events while delivering important intelligence to users”.

We’re very excited here at CRM International to begin showing this to dealers. Especially working with industry ERP integration.

Rather than continuing the anticipation click here to read the September 25th announcement article by Richard Britt in Destination CRM.

Learn More About Sugar Discover

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