Email Marketing Alone Is Not Good Enough!

Posted by: Neil Saviano on December 02, 2014

As a CRM / marketing automation implementation company we've blogged often about CRM from different perspectives.  We've positioned CRM in the following environments:

  • As a virtual sales assistant - helping sales people and companies drive their
    sales process.
  • As part of a business intelligence solution - connected to business intelligence systems
    where companies drive sales process with active customer sales data.
  • As part of a marketing automation suite, leveraging email marketing as part of automated
    campaigns, or driving prospects to one's website.

We've decided here to focus on marketing automation again-but from a different position.  The position comes from quandaries facing many companies when they ask us, "why not regular tried and true blast email marketing?  Why change to marketing automation-and what is the difference anyway"?  We knew we could get our answers in-house, so we reached out to our resident email marketing and marketing automation specialist, Tim Fleck,   

 We approached Tim as our clients approach us with the question related above.  He thought about the difference we all take for granted and offered this:

 "The position many companies take is ‘these are the people I have that I think are interested' and then blast them all with an email in the hopes that they will reach out to you and tell you they are interested".  Tim went on to relate that "with marketing automation one still has that same sort of high level exploratory marketing, but we don't simply wait around for them to reach out to us."

A key point Tim makes is that It’s relatively easy to determine between the two different styles of email marketing.  If you or your team is constructing an email or two a month and sending it out with the hopes of a follow up, or simply sending the email out and advising the sales team to follow up with people that may or may not have opened the email (and may or may not be a waste of time,) then you are using 1990 marketing practices before the internet and culture changed to not only appreciate relevant content, but expect it.

Marketing automation is simply the inevitable change which email marketing has taken in order to meet the demands of would be consumers.  Much like CRM exists to ensure that sales staffs are speaking to clients about things which are relative to their situation, marketing automation and nurturing is an extension of email marketing, allowing marketers to make sure that information provided to potential leads is in line with the interests of that individual.

The bottom line for us at CRM International is to make sure that when we implement SugarCRM with clients who want to grow their business, marketing automation software such as Act-On is part of the solution.  We want them working with email marketing that is two part:  1. Automated campaigns nurturing leads till they're qualified and then send them to the CRM as qualified for the sales people to follow up.  2. Qualified leads that come from their website visits -sent to the site by emails that are part of a structured campaign-sent to the CRM at the right time.

Email marketing is obviously here to stay.  However, it doesn't work anymore as just an email blast. It's got to be part of a unified solution that is tightly tied to marketing automation and CRM.

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