SugarCRM’s Time-Aware Customer Platform Changes the CRM Game

Posted by: Neil Saviano on August 31, 2020

As a SugarCRM partner we are making a big commitment to office products and similar industries with a CRM platform that is above the rest of the field.

As a starter it solves the perennial user adoption issue.  As SugarCRM CEO, Craig Charlton says:

“What we’ve come up with is something we call ‘no-touch information management', an essentially Google-like experience for Sugar users, who will no longer need to be mired in data entry for hours on end.”

'No touch information management' sits with Sugar's Time-Aware customer platform.  This means leveraging predictive analytics and AI to be able to use history to look at what's happened and what may happen and react accordingly. 

As Craig Charlton went on to say:

“What I ask for, in terms of metrics, is not just salesperson performance, but salesperson predictability".

At CRM International we integrate sales history from industry ERP's into SugarCRM along with salesperson performance and salesperson predictability metrics.

Traditional industry BI solutions offer add on CRM’s that cannot provide salesperson performance predictability metrics.

The following superb article by Forbes Senior Contributor Micah Solomon expounds on all of this. His theme around the question: "Can Your CRM Do This?" may undoubtedly elicit the same question to yourselves.

Learn How You Can Predict Salesperson Performance


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