A Personal Marketing Plan - Essential For Sales People And Sales Management.

Posted by: Neil Saviano on January 17, 2017


When one considers any salesperson on any kind of a financial incentive (commission) plan the salesperson  is in essence are running a business within a business. 

Assuming this business model is accurate, shouldn't this business have a marketing plan - as with all businesses?  Let's call it a "personal marketing plan”, one that shares a portion of the company's marketing plan.  It should reflect the sales person's plan to produce this share  in order to realize their own business and financial goals along with the company's.

The overall planning obviously isn't just about financial expectations. It's also about strategic sales and marketing expectations such as  lead generation and nurturing, conversion to opportunities and managing opportunity stages to a representative share of wins. This sales process is best managed using a state of the art CRM system.

Lacking in most companies is the collaboration between sales people and sales management to put this personal marketing plan together.  Sales management needs to partner with the sales person - beginning with the following question:

Assuming the salesperson’s business expectations match the company's business expectations a partnership ensues and the company and the sales person together drive a plan for mutual success.

This process is effective.  There is a synergistic plan for success in place. It helps greatly in sales person/sales management reviews; there's less chance for discontent on either side when monitoring sales results.  It's either "our" plan is working or not working, and if it’s not working – “let’s fix it”!  

As we work with clients we stress that the CRM system in place helps drive a personal marketing plan.  CRM helps with the creation and monitoring of sales and marketing activities and the resulting ratios that lead to the realization of business goals. CRM user adoption is helped  as salespeople perceive the CRM as a sales assistant - a partner to help them reach their financial and personal goals.

Many companies don't have a structure in place where salespeople and sales management team this way.  They don't partner! It's important for companies to consider adopting this strategic focus.  It's highly effective!


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