Integrations Play Major Role in Improving Customer Experience (CX)

Posted by: Neil Saviano on April 28, 2020

Apps are proliferating and will grow in impact on business.

Statistics indicate that in order to get their work done business users leverage 30-40 business apps per day among the thousands of available apps. Available apps have grown at a rapid rate: There were 750 available in 2011, and now they number approximately 7000!

Silos of information in disparate apps need to be integrated.

An issue, however, is that these disparate apps and their information reside in silos throughout company departments. More of this information in many companies needs to be integrated to the CRM (CX) platform, as much of it plays a role in helping to grow the customer experience. A few use case examples include:

  • Integration of company sales and invoice history from an ERP - giving salespeople customer experience building information during the sales process.

  • Information to prompt sales or customer service to complete a Customer Journey task.

  • Integration of case history from customer service systems.

Traditional integration is expensive and time consuming.

It is obvious that Integrations to critical customer information is what drives all businesses. New applications keep arriving that help businesses to understand their customers better. However, traditional integration development is very code intensive, expensive and time consuming. This has been at least a partial roadblock to many companies. Larger companies with bigger IT budgets have fared better but the time involved has been a factor there as well.

A new integration solution from SugarCRM helps rise above integration challenges.

SugarCRM transcends these integration issues with a new solution called Sugar Integrate. This new solution provides an exceptional customer experience with time-aware, real-time integrations for relevant, proactive responses to changing customer conditions. This is made possible through an integration platform that delivers on integrations faster and accelerates new business opportunities that previously were not feasible due to integration challenges. 

Learn more about Sugar Integrate!

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