Business Intelligence, CRM, and Marketing Automation. The 3 together provide exceptional sales and marketing.

Posted by: Neil Saviano on April 11, 2017

The three systems include:


  •          Business Intelligence.
  •          CRM.
  •          Marketing Automation.

The following is an example of the functionality of each of these systems, and their contribution to this powerful integrated sales and marketing solution:

Business Intelligence systems are integrated with ERP system and receive updated sales history data daily.  This is very graphical and granular data that gives product sales history down to the customer level. Users see product sales increases and decreases for designated time periods. Users can also see what products customers are not buying.  As an example, an office products reseller can see customers buying paper but not buying toner.

Vital Information such as increases or decreases of customer dollar spending for different product groups over designated time periods is readily available.  Profit margin fluctuations over designated time periods are available as well. 

A very powerful part of this information-crunching is the creation of marketing campaigns.  Users create campaigns by querying the system for lists of customers that match virtually unlimited combinations of sales history, some of which is shown above.  Explained below is how these campaigns work powerfully with CRM and marketing automation.

CRM system Integration with business intelligence gives sales people the capability to use sales history information as they work with customers in the sales process.  As an example, a window directly into the business intelligenc system from the CRM account record shows the sales person the accounts’ buying history.  This is invaluable information as it helps the sales person to model presentations based on customer buying history. This gives the opportunity to create new business on the spot! 

High level CRM systems provide sales people instant access to email templates to send customers product information and special incentives. The sales person also see if the customer in listed on a current business intelligence campaign, and sells accordingly.

Marketing Automation systems' contribution creates unlimited marketing power.  Connected to the CRM, the marketing automation system runs multi-step email marketing campaigns based on the results from business intelligence system campaigns. 

Using the office products campaign example again, customers buying paper but not buying toner would receive an email campaign series with pricing specials on toner.  A history of those customers opening the campaign flyer would be sent back to the customer record in the CRM for the sales person to use in campaign follow up.

As you can see, the integration of the three systems gives companies a “take action” strategy to convert business intelligence campaigns into formidable marketing automation programs that drive more business from existing customers.  And there’s a CRM system to help manage all of it!


Three world class systems working together to produce
extraordinary sales and marketing results.