Meet the CRM International Team

Neil Savinao (CRM International)Neil Saviano

President & Founder of CRM International / CRM Training Specialist & Consultant

Neil is the founder and president of CRM International.  He combines 30 plus years of experience in sales, sales management and sales training with an extensive background in CRM and marketing automation.  This aggregate focus forms Neil’s message that technology alone does not make for a successful implementation.  Through Neil’s leadership CRM International has assembled strategic partners that bring the skills and expertise from all of the core areas needed for a successful CRM as well as marketing automation implementation.

Neil has published many articles on CRM, and has delivered seminars across the country in technology based sales and sales management strategies.

Timothy Fleck (Autmark)TIM Fleck

Digital Marketing Director / CRM Data Specialist / Founder of Autmark

Tim’s expertise is highly essential for our current and prospective clients as inbound marketing surpasses conventional outbound practices.  As well as being a certified CRM administrator and developer, he helps our clients implement powerful programs around marketing automation and email marketing campaigns.

Tim holds a bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts and has been involved in nearly all aspects of online marketing for both small business and large companies.  His education and experience helps our clients circumvent the dilemma of knowing what they want in an inbound marketing strategy, but struggle in getting the pieces to work together while keeping it simple.  Having been the digital marketing manager for a global corporation, Tim is well versed in how to take our clients marketing efforts to the next level.


Business Technology and Process Specialist 

Dennis brings a 30-year business career, much of it spent helping companies grow revenues and bottom line in highly competitive markets.  He understands business challenges and  the need to adapt and evolve to survive and grow.

All of Dennis’s experience is in the office products industry, helping dealer resellers to adopt new technologies, improve processes - especially sales and marketing processes.  He leverages this background as he brings CRM, business intelligence, and marketing automation solutions to CRM International clients in the office products industry as well as other industries.

Along with bringing technology solutions Dennis  brings clients an outside, objective, perspective and gives critical feedback and helps develop and implement strategies .

Dennis has an extensive background working with CRM systems as well as digital marketing and marketing automation systems.  He attended the University of Miami.



SugarCRM Developer and Integrator

Ted Moriello is CRM International’s lead SugarCRM developer / Integrator.  His experience includes countless SugarCRM system integrations and customizations.  His core strength is identifying customer’s business needs and translating them into solutions that streamlines processes and automates repeated manual tasks. 

He excels in this role for CRM International,  bringing this solutions model to its SugarCRM client base. This even includes SugarCRM integration with veterinary software! Ted has been writing software and providing IT support since 1999 He has integrated almost every kind of system from CRM’s, ERP’s,  and Marketing software. Ted majored in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell and has 10+ years of experience with all aspects of IT support.  Ted also has professional graphic design experience.