CRM International is a CRM Industry Pioneer

CRM International began in 1993, thus we are pioneers in the CRM business.  We began as sales and marketing consultants. As our consulting practice grew, it became more apparent that evolving CRM technology was needed to provide added efficiencies and automation to the sales and marketing and other business processes we brought to companies of all sizes.

As a CRM pioneer we’re fortunate to have come through the various levels of CRM infrastructure right up to the exciting current day cloud solutions.  As a SugarCRM partner we are now able to bring the many benefits of a cloud solution to our clients – still with an emphasis on sales and marketing and business process overall.  We have assembled a team of current day specialists that provide development and customization to SugarCRM.  This means we can adapt Sugar to almost any businesses’ special needs that go beyond out of the box functionality. 

Our Process

Our process focus is now beyond just the CRM system.  Integrated products that work with areas such as marketing automation give us capability to integrate the CRM system with levels of automated and internet marketing that help give clients a marked competitive advantage.

Our Clients

We work with companies of all sizes, from one CRM user to hundreds of users.  We work with companies nationally and throughout Canada and the rest of the world.